Abby Martinis very worried about Granny Vee. She's very sick and ISN'T getting any better. That is why Granny Vee sent Abby and her little brother Peter Martin to their Uncle Jonathan's house. It's weird the house looks like an Egyption tomb or something. Abby and Peter are wondering if there are any mummies in this house. The answer is yes and they're waking up!

Abby Martin and her little brother Peter are sent to their Uncle Jonathans house when their parental guardian - Granny Vee - is sick... but theres something wrong with Uncle Jonathan, his maid - Sonja - and the house itself, Abby and Peter keep hearing moans from the basement of the Egyptian-like room and Uncle Jonathan and Sonja are obsessed with Abbys hair. Then Abby knew something was downright wrong when they figured out that who they thought was their Uncle Jonathan was an Egyptian named Tuttan-Rha and that he was seen eating out of the mummys tummy!