The kids escapedPanic Park but soon find out that they have been tricked by traders like Byron and Jillian and Jackson. They all suffer one by one. The first being Billy Deep, who turns into a shadow when he tries to flee away and then Carly Beth later follows the same fate from the Shadow People. The kids are forced to go to the theaters by The Menace. The chairs lock them. The movie shows the suffers and fear of Panic Park. When the kids are watching the chairs do the same as the movie, including the roller coaster ride and the huge wind. The kids are then lead to their rooms by Byron. Byron forces Matt Daniels to give the key card by shaking him upside down but forgets to lock the doors. Robby Shwarts ask Britney Crosby and Molly Molloy to remember how they were last at Panic Park and went to Horrorland. They go to a building and meet Dr. Maniac. This is when Julie and Abby keep trembling due to the Shake Shack and Robby turning invincible by Dr Maniac's paint. They go to another building, The Hall of Mirrors. They meet their past villians in mirrors. Britney is turned to a Dummy by Slappy. They escape but the villians come back to help. They team up and defeat The Menace by laughing. They escape with the help of Jillian and Jackson and are all reunited with their parents. Lizzy then finds she brought something home....SLAPPY!