The story begins when a young collector, Jonathan Chiller is not able to be a normal kid. When his dad argues with his mother, he takes him hunting. Chiller accidentally shoots his foot and his dad agrees not to let him be normal. It is present day and Ray Gordon and some other kids who got souvenirs from the Chiller House are transported to Chiller. Chiller makes them play a game where they have to find the little horrors (that transported them to his shop) so they can go home. He says Hunters are going to start hunting them the next day. He gives them helper cards so they can find their helpers to help them find the horrors. They soon find out they can't leave the park without throwing away their Helper cards. The Monster Police ruin the moment once again and take them. They escape and split in groups: Ray and Sam, Andy and Meg, Marco and Jessica. Sam and Ray soon find Ray's helper who leads them to a joke red box. They find Marco and Jessica and they find out that the arrows are real. Then they run into Andy and Meg. When they find Madame Doom, Andy goes in her place and gets hit by an arrow, but reveals he's still alive and that the arrow was fake and Madame doom wanted to make the game more "frightening". Madame Doom reveals that the Helpers were actually the Hunters. They flee. they soon find out that Chiller is playing all the Hunters. They trick him but he tricks them again! They then put on his "friend's" costumes and say they're leaving him. Ray grabs a box and leaves, saying bye to the others.