Pin head

A competitive girl named Julie Enhrit, the photographer of Twin Forks Middle School's yearbook the Tiger enters a photo contest against David Blank to see who would take The Big Picture. One day when Julie and her friend Reena Jacobs were bike riding they found a strange looking self-devoloping camera. Julie likes to collect history's old cameras as a hobby, but then Julie realizes that the was the famous Evil Camera that nearly killed four kids in the town next over in Pitts Landing. Too bad she didn't realize this before she started taking pictures! Now the camera is taking pictures that are predicting the future... and the predictions aren't good.....

Julie was roughed up the first few seonds she arrived HorrorLand when gorilla monsters attacked her and the Monster Police ruin her new digital camera, but she ruins something too... the other Very Special Guests chances to escape when Byron gives her a mirror and she just tosses it away. Now the others are all dissapointed, but then they come up with a reckless way of escaping... by walking through the front gate, the eight of them have to get a horrorland stamp to leave, but when they get out, the stamps come alive, sprouting giant purple vines and they start getting strangled!