Michael Munroe really hates his teacher Mrs. Hardesty she totally has it in for Michael. So Michael sneaks into her house to pull a good awesome prank. Their he finds a six-foot-egg in her attic and Mrs. Hardesty was hatching it! It turns out that Mrs. Hardesty was a monster hatching monster babies planning to obliviate human kind. This might even be too much for even Michael "Monster" Munroe. Michael Is forced to eat the eggs that Mrs. Hardesty had made, The eggs turned people into monsters. Michael turns into a monster but then, he sees His friends Daisy and De-wayne and he trys to explain what happened. They believe him and they find a little bit of egg still stuck to the pan in Mrs. Hardesty's house, Michael eats it but it isnt enough so he had been turned into half monster half human. They go to Mr. Wong's house to find that Mr. Wong is also a monster, Mr. Wong is sat on a bigger monster egg asleep, Mrs. Hardesty sees the children and asks Mr. Wong what they are doing at his house. They start to run after him but Michael uses his monster powers that he still has left in him.

Michael saves himself and the other Very Special Guests from the mad bat attack by confusing them with his lucky dog whistle. Michael then splits up with the Very Special Guests to look for a mirror anywhere in HorrorLand, but he couldnt find any so he returned to them. Michael then leads them underground to try and get online on his laptop to see if there was any information on HorrorLand. They get caught by the Monster Police and Michael releases gorilla monsters to escape, then Michael finds a strange horror and a mirror and he ends up getting sucked into it to Panic Park... without the other Very Special Guests!