Matt Daneils must deal with two problems: Bradley "Worm" Wormser who is completely ruining Matt's social life, and because of Bradley, Matt was blamed for breaking a windshield, cheating, staring a school fight, stealing a usesless stink can and growing 9 feet tall because of Monster Blood.

In the end, Some Monster Blood goes into a plant But Bradley steals it For a School Science Fair and says he grew it using UV lights Matt becomes enraged but, when he looks at the plant he sees that it's going to grab Bradley's leg!. Matt was orinally going to save him, But after all the things he did to him, Instead he Coungratulates him. And the book ends. (it can easily guessed that Matt will just let Bradley suffer)

When Matt got to HorrorLand he met a Horror named Byron, who hands him the Panic Park Key Card that lets him win at carnival games and go through doors that dont usually open. Matt and Billy asked the police to help Sheena but they try to take the key card from Matt. Monster Blood steals Sheena away when Byron helps with a mirror...