Lizzy Morris and Luke Morris have been to HorrorLand before and barely escaped with t
heir lives. They thought they would never return, but then they heard of strange happenings in HorrorLand. Lizzy and Luke decide to check these strange events out and go back to HorrorLand and they meet up with six Very Special Guests: Matt, Carly Beth, Robby, Jillian, Jackson, and Julie, all trying to escape HorrorLand. During the way, they find Billy and Sheena up a mountain, and they ask what happened to the other guest. They tell them that they went to the Tunnel of Hate. The group goes there in canoes and start hating eachother and start to fight, leading to Carly Beth and Julie almost drowning each other. They soon spot another canoe with the other guest (who've had left earlier and that have gone insane for being in the tunnel too long) :Michael, Sabrina, Britney, Molly, Abby, and Boone. They all get out and must escape. They later encounter some enemies from the past in a maze Byron led them to: The Egg Monsters, The Haunted Mask, and Captain Ben One Leg. Lizzy and Luke know everything about Horrorland so they lead the way to Panic Park through the Hall of Mirrors. They get to Panic Park. Then they find out that The Menance has tricked and trapped them asking for a favor... "WILL YOU STAY IN PANIC PARK FOREVER!"or surrender your lives you bloodies

come on jack and jill tell the truth????????????????????????????????????????